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It’s cool to live in Seattle…

It’s cool to live in Seattle because that’s where Queensryche is from and I saw them in concert last night at the White River.  Awesome Band, Awesome Show, time with 2 good friends.  You either love Queensryche or you don’t understand them.  No body hates Queensryche.

Why is it cool to live in your town?

Rockin my world!

Third Day is Rockin my world right now.  Their new CD “Revelation” just came out yesterday and it’s great.  You need to buy it and listen right now!  Third Day is a great band with strong vocals by Mac Powell and a sharp band.  First five songs on the CD are killin me.  Title track “Revelation” is very strong.  Great song for sermon closer!!!  Guest BGV from Chris Daughtry and Lacey Mosely of Flyleaf.  This is a CD that will inspire me, rock me, and lead me in worship.

What’s rockin your world right now?