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Guilty Pleasure…|…Kathy Griffin

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So, my guilty pleasure is reality TV.  Specifically, Kathy Griffin and her life on the D-list.  She’s a total crack up.  Her jokes are foul, she has a foul mouth, and constantly crosses the line.  But as comedians go….she’s very funny.  Her show came back on tonight.  Very funny!  Does that make me gay?  Of course not!

What is your guilty pleasure?

What is your Reality TV guilty pleasure?

OK, this is tough….I do love reality TV.  I get my share of Survivor, Big Brother, & Amazing Race.  Brenda is hooked on the Bachelor.  I can give/take American Idol and that dancing show.  I do like The life of Ryan and Robb & Big.  Or, how abotu little people big world?  Yet, what is the show that you’re embarrassed to admit that you love?  You know….Brett Michaels Rock of Love?  I Love New York?  Flavor of Love?  Surreal Life?  I married a Brady?  or..Scott Baio is 45 and Pregnant?

Mine….The Hills….yea..that’s right.

What is your reality show guilty pleasure?

My Big Give.

As I thought…I loved small group tonight.  We really have the best people in our group.  We launched a new study tonight on communication in our marriage.  It’s called Love Talk by Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott.  We’ve gone throgh it before and I used to work with them…but it’s always good to refresh.  Great group..great coffee…banana bread!

Then, I watched the Big Give.  Cool stuff.  I’d love to be on that show.  The guy who was sent home totally had it coming.  He didn’t clue into the needs of the family he was helping.

Finished the night by doing a little of my own Big Give.  Helped Brenda finish her Resume for a manager positions she’s applying for.  She is quite talented….amazing that iI’ve been able to pull the wool over her eyes for all this time.  My wife is so awesome.

Who do you think is really awesome?