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It’s cool to live in Seattle…


Clay Bennett is a liar and a theif

It’s cool to live in Seattle because we didn’t let the NBA and Clay Bennett hold us hostage for another stadium tax.  Here’s the way I see it.  The Sonics didn’t leave….some greedy greasy business guy came in…bought a franchise (with full intent to move it) and moved it to OKC.  The Sonics that I loved will alwasy be in Seattle and if they never resurrect…the RIP.  I was not a season ticket holder so I’m just as much to blame for them leaving as everyone else.  Here’s my opinion.  I think the NBA is a JOKE!  I’m not sure we should raid another city of their team…nor should we put anything into an expansion team.  Again…Stern is sitting back and saying, ” pay up and build a new stadium and then we’ll consider giving you another team”.  Give me a break.  We can not stand for any more taxes.  Side note….my buddy Howard Schultz, “Mr. Starbucks” doesn’t get off the hook that easy.  He should have never sold to Clay.  Please tell me he’s not the only person in Seattle that didn’t see this coming?  Yet…because I love my Starbucks….I’m quick to forgive uncle Howard.  Stop the bleeding.  Besides…with the Sounders(MLS) coming back…and playing at QWest…..I think we have a new sport in town that will take place of basketball.  I love the fact that QWest will be getting more playing time.

So, good riddens to the group of people and ownership who just moved to OKC.  The are not and never will be the Sonics.  Welcome back Sounders.  I think I might just get season tickets for the MLS.

Makes me proud to live in Seattle.

Why are you proud of your city?

My friend John Fiskum

Big ups to my buddy John and his family for joining the “high speed” world.  You see, he lives on the “Fiskum Family Farm” out in rural Maple Valley and up until tonight at 10PM were totally dial up.  I’m so proud of them.  Not only for moving into the 90’s but for also catching this fish.  The caption on the original photo was, “John Fiskum catches a fatty” …… think …… think ….ok ….3…2…1…go (insert your own punch line).

John & his wife Stephanie are great people.  Elders at our church and all around cool people to hang with.  They also have a wonderful family.  John is the kind of guy who makes everyone feel great when they’re around him and Stephanie doesn’t know how to have a conversation without laughing.  I hope that I’ll be as cool as John someday.

Name one of your friends that make you smile just at the mention of their name?

It’s cool to live in Seattle…


Everywhere you go…you’re never too far from starbucks.  Now, even when you don’t know you’re near one…there it is…in Target, Safeway, Albertsons, or even our church.  Well, since Seattle is the home of Starbucks and we hail the Pike Place store as the first one….then that is cool enough for me.  It’s cool to live in Seattle because we can visit a place in our community like this…

Why is it cool to live in your town?

It’s cool to live in Seattle.

It’s cool to live in Seattle because you are always less than 5 minutes from really good coffee.  Besides the fact that Starbucks, Tully’s, & SBC come from Seattle.  There a bunch of really cool little roasters who do an incredible job roasting and serving espresso.  One of them is David Schomer with Espresso Vivace.  Espresso Vivace has been around for many years doing a great job on each pull.  If you want a quick cup of coffee…go to the various corporate coffee shops.  If you want a piece of art, go to Espresso Vivace.  They make it a true art.  Located up in Capital Hill, not only do you get to engage in the best cup of coffee in your life…but you also get to hang with a really cool crowd.  Brenda & I will often make the 60 minute drive into Seattle just for this wonderful piece of heaven.  Espresso Vivace is another reason why it’s cool to live in Seattle.

Why is it cool to live in your town?

It’s cool to live in Seattle.

One of the reasons it’s cool to live in Seattle is the big Troll that lives under the Aurora Bridge.  This troll is actually right under the bridge and is visited often by people in town.  It is said that he watches over Seattle but then some think he causes havoc.  Here is a little official description of the troll:  The Fremont troll has been lurking under the north end of the Aurora bridge since 1990. He was sculpted by four Seattle area artists — Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter and Ross Whitehead. 

If you look really close the troll has a hold of a VW bug in it’s left hand and the hubcap from the VW bug is in it’s left eye.  That’s why it’s cool to live in Seattle.

Why is it cool to live in your town?

Why do the good ones always leave?

We’ve got the best neighbors.  Great people to hang with.  Great kids.  We really like hanging out with them.  Today they told us that they might (probably likely) be moving to Boston.  Why do the good ones always leave?

Of course we’re very supportive and want the best for them…we just like living around really cool people.  I’m sure that whatever God has planed for them….they will do.  Blessings to Evan & Sarah.  We’ll be praying for you as you consider this potential move.

Why is it the good ones that leave?

It’s cool to live in Seattle!

It’s cool to live in Seattle!

(this is a new feature that will appear weekly on my blog describing why it’s so cool to live in Seattle)


EMP (Experience Music Project)

The experience music project is a brainchild of none other than Paul Allen.  Basically, he had a bunch of old Hendrix stuff and was looking for a place to display it.  One thing led to another…and you’ve to the EMP.  Arguabley a very ugly building….but kind of cool in a weird lsd trippy kind of way.  The archetecture is supposed to represent a smashed guitar.  The EMP is actually quite a deal at $15 per person.  Especially if you’re a music lover.  And what I mean by music lover…is music lover of music from around the 60’s. 

There is a really cool piece of art right inside made up of guitars shooting up through the ceiling (i’m sure that i’m not doing this justice).  Also right inside the entrance is “video church”.  At least, this is what it was called back in 1997 when it first opened.  Here’s the challenge….if you walk through it with you mind in 1997…you’ll be impressed and in awe.  For example….they say that there is not a single strip of video tape in the building.  Everything is digital.  Now, by today’s standards…duh!  But in 1997…that was pretty groundbreaking.  I toured the emp back in 1999.  Very cool.  The Hendrix exibit was impressive…especially for the Hendrix fan.  They had a section dedicated to the Seattle sound and grunge music.  I liked that.  There were a few catchy interactive things and even a virtual reality ride dedicated to “Funk” music.  Very cool.

The EMP is worth the $15 and the visit if you’re a music fan.  If not….check out my next post on Seattle and I’ll give you something else to do.

Why is it cool to live in your town?


Starbucks at Target

I have a dream that one day I’ll be able to go into Targe with my wife and slip into a fully equipped Starbucks and drink the perfect drink while my wife shops.  Then, once she’s done…I simply pick up my perfect drink and walk to the car with my wife.  I have a dream!  Today I realized that this is not just a dream but yet a reality.  We walked into Target…Brenda shopped…I drank the perfect cup.  It’s a good day.


The Perfect Cup.  “americano with cream”

Where is your favorite “non-starbucks” Starbucks and what is your perfect cup?