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Review of Change Homelessness

It’s always exciting with people you respect join in a cause your passionate about.  Today Mark C. Howell posted a review about the project Change Homelessness on his blog.

Thanks Mark.

How are you using your social network resources to encourage others?

Calibrate…November 15-16, 2009….Seattle!

16on16Calibrate, an event to help leaders realign their picture of the Church with Jesus’ picture of the Church, is coming November 15-16. We are hearing about countless leaders who are horribly depressed because they missed the early registration rate on Calibrate. In our tireless efforts to empower leaders we have come up with the perfect solution…a sale.

For one day only, October 16th, save $16 on Calibrate registrations. On October 16, go to to register and you will pay $69 instead of the current price of $85.

This is for one day only – don’t miss it!

More on Calibrate 09?  I could type a bunch of stuff about it….just go to the site!

wow….I don’t know what to think?…(They’re bringing serving back)

I am the kind of person who is all for taking any song that will compliment the message of Jesus Christ and make it part of the service so people will connect and move forward on their journey toward Christ.  I’m even cool with youth groups doing really cute/funny stuff to make people laugh and make a point.  Tonight as I was reading one of my favorite blogs by Prodigal Jon called Stuff Christians Like I was enlightened by what could be done with Justin Timberlakes song, “Sexy Back”.  Side note: Prodigal Jon is a great writer.  Read some of his stuff……OK….click here to view the video.

 Is this creative chaos or bad taste?

This Weekend

This weekend Drew (my son) & I will be going down to Tijuana, MX with 29 people from our church to build 2 of these homes.  This is a time lapse version of a home just like the ones we will build.  We are blessed to serve.  Thanks to all who helped send us here ROXX as well as other family members…& please pray for our safety and the families who will receive these great homes.

What are you doing this weekend?

He’s Running

Be Change!

Jason is running 100 miles in Sacramento, CA today to raise awareness & money for healthcare for kids in an inner city school.  Go here to get live updates.

Run 100 miles in 24 hours? What?

My little part of Creative Chaos with my buddy Los from

Extra Mile Run

My buddy Jason Harper is doing something that in my opinion transends what normal people do.  Jason is going to run 100 miles in 24 hours today (Thursday 5/15/08).  He has been on a campaign for the last five years to make life better for a bunch of inner city kids in Sacramento.  Specifically, Oak Creek Elementary.  Everything from better materials to learn, better play environments, and now heal care for all of them.  Yes, all of them.   This is really incredible…both his commitment to these kids and the fact that he will run 100 miles in 1 day?  This is extreme creative chaos. 

He’s going to start running on Friday and stop once he runs 100 miles.  He’ll be listenting to his IPOD through the whole run and I along with 99 other close frineds recorded encourageing messages that will be interspursed with songs encouraging him at the beggining of each mile.  Jason is an absolute stud for attempting this physically and doing it for all the right reasons.

Check out his site and donate if you can.  He has a bunch of people lining up to help…and needs more.

No Strings Attached

Yesterday Pastor Troy started a new series called No Strings Attached.  It’s a 3 week series focusing on serving.  Think about what our world much less our community would look like if we all served with no strings attached?  If when we help people…we don’t expect something in return.  Literally….we don’t even think it.  See, some people can say that they have no strings attached…but when it really comes down to it…they do ahve a return expectation.  He ended the day with a 14 day challenge for everyone to serve without the expectation of anything in return.  This is going to be fun for some and challenging for others.  If you’re accustome to serving…it won’t be a problem….yet, if you don’t serve often…it will be hart to find the opportunity.  I think we should all intentionally serve without even the thought of anything in return.  That is what it truly means to be a Christ Follower.

What will you do in the next 14 days to serve someone with no strings attached?