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Happy National Man Day

Today is National Man Day! Happy National Man Day? What did we do to deserve this day? Should we take the day off? I doubt it?

(The following is from the blog Digital City)
The idea was started by two Indiana men, Aaron and Joel Longanecker. According to their Facebook event page, there are more than 73,000 planning on celebrating the day. The day is supposed to be a day to “stand up as a man” and “watch Rocky movies all day” and “scratch yourself” and shoot animals. In fact there is a lot of recommended violence. Sure, those are some stereotypes, but bloodsport doesn’t necessarily equal manhood. In fact, it sounds like activities for a National Boy Day.

Surprising though, not one mention of farting in public.

Some of the tenets of the day and messaging on which we agree:
– Be a good father
– Be responsible for your actions
– Eat an 18 oz. steak
– Get your wife some flowers

If you want to help the Longaneckers out by making National Man Day a holiday, sign their national Man Day petition. So far, there are only 44 signatures of the 5,000 goal.

In the meantime, Happy National Man Day.

What are you doing to celebrate National Man Day?

Cutting edge choir….

Thanks to my buddy Pete for exposing me to such cutting edge choir moves.

Does that make me a moderate?

I’ve always seen myself as politically conservative.  Yet, I find myself guardedly optimistic about President-elect Obama and actually a little excited about how he will rally our country to be more united.  As much as I disagree with some of his policies….he’s MY president…I respect him….and I’m looking forward to seeing how he leads our country.  Does that make me a moderate?

Great day with my wife

Today was a great day with Brenda.  I woke up this morning with a splitting headache.  Took 2 tylenol and went downstairs to sleep it off with a little NASCAR practice playing on the TV.  Kids off to school and lazy morning.  Then we showered up and took off around 1:30 in the van pool.  Brenda had a work meeting that she needed to attend so we decided to wrap our day date around her meeting.  Off to grab morning (afternoon) coffee….Kirkland to deliver the clamps back to my cousin after holding onto them for about a month.  then we stopped at Big 5 to get fast pitch cleats for Brooke.  What a depressing place to work.  Then we rolled into Joe’s sporting goods to grab some sweat pants for Brooke.  What a cool place to work.  Brenda almost bought a little ipod speaker thing for her office….but decided to hold off for now.  Hint: great gift for Brenda for Christmas….a little speaker thing for her Ipod for her office.  then we took the back roads in Kirkland to Costco.  bought a bunch of stuff at Costco…I’m sure we totally needed everything we bought….?

Oops….it’s almost time for Brenda’s meeting….rush over the 520 bridge and on to Children’s.  As she attends her meeting…I head off to U Village for an intimate time with a cup of coffee & my email.  Long story short….I enjoyed the coffee but couldn’t get on-line…so I was only intimate with the coffee.  Bounced around U Village for a couple hours…picked up Brenda from meeting then off to a great Italian dinner at Ciao Bella.

Brooke had Dance tryouts today.  Yes, she’s on the school dance team!

Drew is at a church thing tonight with the High School.  I really like the stage of life Drew is in right now.  He’s really cool to hang with.  (he’s 14….will be 15 on December 24th)

I love my Friday Day Dates.  I love my kids.  I love my wife.

Rant about the economy

I’m really getting frustrated with some of the discussion & talk about the financial situation our country is in and who is to blame and what we’re doing to solve it.  As I stated in an earlier post….I agree with Dave Ramsey that we can easily get out of this mess by making a few basic adjustments and give the people an option to get out.  Now today….the most powerful person in the world (arguably) Oprah Winfrey brought Ali from CNN on her show to try and explaining what happened.  Now, I’m sure he’s right with his facts…but what we’re all missing here is who is ideally responsible for getting us here.  We each need to take personal responsibility for the decisions and choices we make.  Here is what Ali said….Annie wanted to buy a house….she borrowed from the bank….they sold her loan to a bigger bank…..and they sold it to a bigger entity.  Typically this is OK….but when values of homes go down, people loose their jobs and the stock market crashes all at the same time….we have a problem.  Now poor Annie can’t pay for the expensive house that she probably shouldn’t have bought in the first place and her home gets foreclosed on.  Now the bank owns the home and their not in the business of taking care of empty homes.  Now, some are blaming the banks and they do hold responsibility for making loans when they shouldn’t have.  But it all comes down to personal responsibility.  WE can all qualify for more credit then we should….we need to have the self discipline to only take credit for and buy only what we can afford.  The “American Dream” is coming back to bite many people these days.  I think more than the banks, wall street, and politicians…..Annie is to blame.  Annie shouldn’t be using so much credit.  She should do her best to live within her means.  I personally spent over half of my adult life with consumer debt.  Not until Brenda & I decided to take personal responsibility for our spending and get control of it were we able to get out of debt.  The solution for our countries financial situation is for all of us to stop using credit to live and live within our own personal means.  Now, in full disclosure…I do have a mortgage on my home.  I don’t mean that we can’t buy a house until we pay cash…I mean our own consumer debt.  Putting things on credit when we really should be waiting to buy it.

What do you think?

It’s cool to live in Seattle…


Clay Bennett is a liar and a theif

It’s cool to live in Seattle because we didn’t let the NBA and Clay Bennett hold us hostage for another stadium tax.  Here’s the way I see it.  The Sonics didn’t leave….some greedy greasy business guy came in…bought a franchise (with full intent to move it) and moved it to OKC.  The Sonics that I loved will alwasy be in Seattle and if they never resurrect…the RIP.  I was not a season ticket holder so I’m just as much to blame for them leaving as everyone else.  Here’s my opinion.  I think the NBA is a JOKE!  I’m not sure we should raid another city of their team…nor should we put anything into an expansion team.  Again…Stern is sitting back and saying, ” pay up and build a new stadium and then we’ll consider giving you another team”.  Give me a break.  We can not stand for any more taxes.  Side note….my buddy Howard Schultz, “Mr. Starbucks” doesn’t get off the hook that easy.  He should have never sold to Clay.  Please tell me he’s not the only person in Seattle that didn’t see this coming?  Yet…because I love my Starbucks….I’m quick to forgive uncle Howard.  Stop the bleeding.  Besides…with the Sounders(MLS) coming back…and playing at QWest…..I think we have a new sport in town that will take place of basketball.  I love the fact that QWest will be getting more playing time.

So, good riddens to the group of people and ownership who just moved to OKC.  The are not and never will be the Sonics.  Welcome back Sounders.  I think I might just get season tickets for the MLS.

Makes me proud to live in Seattle.

Why are you proud of your city?

Keeping World Missions in view…

 This is my addition to the Creative Chaos with Carlos at






For years we’ve asked the question, how do we keep our “world missions” interest in  front of the people who visit our church without doing the ” 50 flags in the worship center” or ” big rotating globe on the stage” or “map on wall with pins” look.  We want people to continually see and feel what, how and where we’re doing world missions.  We will typically take an entire series during the year and focus on world missions…yet we don’t want our people to loose the sight and vision.

So, we had one of our designers put together this image and had it printed on vinyl.  The wrapped this wall with the image..posted clocks (nothing creative about that) and also installed some catalog holders so we always have our world & local missions catalog available for everyone.  This corner is literally the busiest intersection inside our church.  Great use of space, nice picture….reminds me of our world missions efforts every time I see it.  We also continue our world missions emphasis on our website.  Props to my buddy Lee for coming up with this idea.

There ya go….

How do you keep missions in front of your people?

This Weekend

This weekend Drew (my son) & I will be going down to Tijuana, MX with 29 people from our church to build 2 of these homes.  This is a time lapse version of a home just like the ones we will build.  We are blessed to serve.  Thanks to all who helped send us here ROXX as well as other family members…& please pray for our safety and the families who will receive these great homes.

What are you doing this weekend?

Drive session 3…

Session 3 opened with another great high energy song.  The band did a great job.  Now, to Andy’s talk.  He did what I really enjoy about attending conferences.  He threw out his notes for the final session and decided to just talk.  So, he said that he decided to pull out five quotes that he has been wrestling with and he was going to share them with us…give thoughts…and mention a “take away”.  So, here goes:

1. Quote: “To reach people no one else is reaching, we must do things no one else is doing”.  –Craig Grochel

Andy put this on a large document…with the number of unreached people within a 10 mile radius of their three campuses….then posted it in their conference room.  Goal is to have this quote disturbe them every day.

Take Away: Become preocupied with those you haven’t reached as opposed to those you are trying to keep. –Reggie Joiner

2. Quote: The next generation product almost never comes from the previous generation.

Someone on the fringe of ministry is coming up with the next thing.  You can either Fight it or Fund it.  You can be so careful that you’re behind the times…

Take Away: Be a student not a critic

3. Quote: What do I believe is impossible to do in my field, but if it could be done…it would fundamentally change my business?

What in your particular model would you change if you looked at it different?

Take Away: Pay attention to the opeople who are breaking the rules.

4. Quote: If we got kicked out and the board got rid of us, why shouldn’t we just walk out – come back in – and do it ourselves?  (story from the guys at intel, Only the paranoid survive)

Question…ASK…What’s in decline?  Where are we manufacturing energy? (great question)…announcements?  events?  stuff that no-one really wants?…..NOT…Why are people not attending…?  if you’re asking that question…it’s too late!

Question….ASK….What are our underlying assumptions?  What are the assumptions that we as a team have that we really shouldn’t?  Ask someone new to evaluate who we are and what we do?  Signage/environments/wording/communication…etc

Take Away: Acknowledge what’s not working and own up to why you’re not willing to do anything about it.

Side note….This stuff is totally kicking my butt!!!

5. Quote: When your memories exceed your dreams…the end is near.  -Unknown

Crank up the vison.  If the vision isn’t driving it…then the past is.

Success breeds complacency…compacency breeds failure.

Take Away: Don’t let success or momentum overshadow your vision.  Keep the vision out front.

What are things that you’re doing to reach people that no one else is doing?

Lunch with good friends at “The Patio”

Today we had lunch at The Patio with Doug Gattis & Barry Phillips.  Great friends here in ATL.  They were both neighbors and in our small group.  Again, we’re truly blessed to have such great friends here in ATL.  God blessed our 3 years here and we are better people today because of our relationships with the Phillips and the Gattiss.

Side note: The Patio is a great lunch spot.  Lots of mom’s & kids….but great lunch.

Where is your favorite lunch spot?