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Stumptown Coffee

I’m excited to share that Stumptown Coffee is only 127 steps from my classroom this week.  I will be visiting Stumptown a few times this week.

Gospel and Global Media Culture

Today I’m in class learning the value of communicating the gospel through global media.  This is an elective class I’m choosing as part of my graduate studies at Seattle University.  One of the interesting parts of communicating our faith through media is the different data bases or framing we all bring to our faith.  Everyone has their own view of faith and their perception of the gospel.

To me, the gospel is the story of Jesus Christ coming to this earth, living a sinless life, and giving his life for my sins.  This is the gospel.  What I’m learning is that when you bring 15 people in a room they will all have 15 different view of the gospel and how it relates to their life.

My responsibility is to share the gospel in a way that can be understood by the people I’m sharing with.  As shared by my class mate Kirimi (from Kenya).  In the African culture the missionaries would bring the gospel to the African people wrapped in their western culture.  Much like bringing a baby wrapped in a western blanket.  This caused the gospel to be received and learned through a western filter.  Yet, once the African people were able to remove the “western blanket” from the baby (gospel) they were able to understand it better.  This is how I’m able to embrace the values and differences people have regarding the gospel.  I still believe that the only way for us to connect with God is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Yet, I’m able to respect the beliefs of others which will help me understand where others are coming from.

This is an important value to understand when thinking of sharing the gospel in the global media culture.

Drew’s Summer Video

Don’t know how to upload vimeo to wordpress so:

Click on the link to view Drew’s Summer Video.

Happy National Man Day

Today is National Man Day! Happy National Man Day? What did we do to deserve this day? Should we take the day off? I doubt it?

(The following is from the blog Digital City)
The idea was started by two Indiana men, Aaron and Joel Longanecker. According to their Facebook event page, there are more than 73,000 planning on celebrating the day. The day is supposed to be a day to “stand up as a man” and “watch Rocky movies all day” and “scratch yourself” and shoot animals. In fact there is a lot of recommended violence. Sure, those are some stereotypes, but bloodsport doesn’t necessarily equal manhood. In fact, it sounds like activities for a National Boy Day.

Surprising though, not one mention of farting in public.

Some of the tenets of the day and messaging on which we agree:
– Be a good father
– Be responsible for your actions
– Eat an 18 oz. steak
– Get your wife some flowers

If you want to help the Longaneckers out by making National Man Day a holiday, sign their national Man Day petition. So far, there are only 44 signatures of the 5,000 goal.

In the meantime, Happy National Man Day.

What are you doing to celebrate National Man Day?

Cutting edge choir….

Thanks to my buddy Pete for exposing me to such cutting edge choir moves.

Does that make me a moderate?

I’ve always seen myself as politically conservative.  Yet, I find myself guardedly optimistic about President-elect Obama and actually a little excited about how he will rally our country to be more united.  As much as I disagree with some of his policies….he’s MY president…I respect him….and I’m looking forward to seeing how he leads our country.  Does that make me a moderate?

Great day with my wife

Today was a great day with Brenda.  I woke up this morning with a splitting headache.  Took 2 tylenol and went downstairs to sleep it off with a little NASCAR practice playing on the TV.  Kids off to school and lazy morning.  Then we showered up and took off around 1:30 in the van pool.  Brenda had a work meeting that she needed to attend so we decided to wrap our day date around her meeting.  Off to grab morning (afternoon) coffee….Kirkland to deliver the clamps back to my cousin after holding onto them for about a month.  then we stopped at Big 5 to get fast pitch cleats for Brooke.  What a depressing place to work.  Then we rolled into Joe’s sporting goods to grab some sweat pants for Brooke.  What a cool place to work.  Brenda almost bought a little ipod speaker thing for her office….but decided to hold off for now.  Hint: great gift for Brenda for Christmas….a little speaker thing for her Ipod for her office.  then we took the back roads in Kirkland to Costco.  bought a bunch of stuff at Costco…I’m sure we totally needed everything we bought….?

Oops….it’s almost time for Brenda’s meeting….rush over the 520 bridge and on to Children’s.  As she attends her meeting…I head off to U Village for an intimate time with a cup of coffee & my email.  Long story short….I enjoyed the coffee but couldn’t get on-line…so I was only intimate with the coffee.  Bounced around U Village for a couple hours…picked up Brenda from meeting then off to a great Italian dinner at Ciao Bella.

Brooke had Dance tryouts today.  Yes, she’s on the school dance team!

Drew is at a church thing tonight with the High School.  I really like the stage of life Drew is in right now.  He’s really cool to hang with.  (he’s 14….will be 15 on December 24th)

I love my Friday Day Dates.  I love my kids.  I love my wife.