Gospel and Global Media Culture

Today I’m in class learning the value of communicating the gospel through global media.  This is an elective class I’m choosing as part of my graduate studies at Seattle University.  One of the interesting parts of communicating our faith through media is the different data bases or framing we all bring to our faith.  Everyone has their own view of faith and their perception of the gospel.

To me, the gospel is the story of Jesus Christ coming to this earth, living a sinless life, and giving his life for my sins.  This is the gospel.  What I’m learning is that when you bring 15 people in a room they will all have 15 different view of the gospel and how it relates to their life.

My responsibility is to share the gospel in a way that can be understood by the people I’m sharing with.  As shared by my class mate Kirimi (from Kenya).  In the African culture the missionaries would bring the gospel to the African people wrapped in their western culture.  Much like bringing a baby wrapped in a western blanket.  This caused the gospel to be received and learned through a western filter.  Yet, once the African people were able to remove the “western blanket” from the baby (gospel) they were able to understand it better.  This is how I’m able to embrace the values and differences people have regarding the gospel.  I still believe that the only way for us to connect with God is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Yet, I’m able to respect the beliefs of others which will help me understand where others are coming from.

This is an important value to understand when thinking of sharing the gospel in the global media culture.

top 10 reasons i like living in maple valley, wa

top 10 reasons i like living in maple valley, wa

  1. community feel with small town taste & close to the places i like to go.
  2. beautiful view of mt. rainier driving south on 169 in front of the fire station on a clear day.
  3. great schools for my kids.
  4. sports programs for my kids to enjoy
  5. city representatives that genuinely solicit and value my input
  6. affordable homes
  7. a lot of growth potential in the city
  8. 4 corners starbucks drive through that serves me the grande americano with a couple inches of steamed soy
  9. really cool waterfall sign as you enter the city
  10. lake wilderness….the lake, lodge, & trail!

Why do you like Maple Valley?

Pray for our Police!

We need to pray for the men & women who protect us.  Our Police & Fire Fighters.

This Sunday we’re taking time in our services to remember & pray for Police Officers, Fire Fighters & their families.

In the wake of the recent tragedies in Seattle & Tacoma where we’ve seen such a terrible loss of life with our frontline public servants, we at New Life Church want to take a moment this Sunday to honor & pray for our Police Officers, Fire Fighters & their families.

Renton, WA  December 3, 2009: Sunday, December 6th we will be honoring and praying for the Police Officers and Fire Fighters in our region during our three morning services.  All Police & Fire Fighters who are available on Sunday, December 6th are invited to attend any of our morning services in uniform so we can recognize them and pray a blessing on them and their families.

  • Sunday services are at 9:00 AM , 10:30 AM, & 12:00 Noon.
  • We have fun & exciting childcare for infants, pre-school & elementary kids.

Additionally…Renton Christian School will be keeping their flag at half mast & praying for our Police & Fire Fighters in their classes this week.

We’ll be showing the memorial services live in our chapel on Tuesday, December 8th at 1 PM.

How to participate if you’re a Police Officer or Fire Fighter:

  • Attend one of our 3 Sunday morning services and we will recognize all of our local Police & Fire Fighters at the end of the service.  Feel free to wear your uniform.
  • Go to our website: www.newliferenton.com and click on the Prayer button on our home page.  Let us know your needs and we will be praying for you and anything else we can do to help.
  • Call our office: 425.226.0880 and leave your prayer request with our receptionist or on our voicemail.

For Questions about our Sunday services and our prayer emphasis for our local Police & Fire Fighters, contact Pastor Loran Lichty – loran.lichty@newliferenton.com or 425.226.0880.

Click here to go to the New Life website.  You can download the press release and request prayer.

Let’s never stop praying for those who protect us.

The Biggest Looser…week 1

Well, I made it through week one of TBL at tahoma fitness.  Drum roll….I lost 5 lbs.  Lots of work and obsessing about the food I put in my body.  I feel great.  Actually excited to go work out.  I’m going to try and get into the gym both Saturday & Sunday this week.  I’ve worked out every day (except last weekend) for the last 2 weeks.  I think thats a record.

Week 2 just started….I’m going for 10 lbs. this week.


Biggest Looser….day…one, two, three? Whatever?

So the biggest looser started for me on Friday.  Did the “day one” weigh in and assessment.  I’d share my initial assessment on this post…but I’m not secure enough to do that.  Let’s just say this….my wonderful trainer Carrie simply asked me to jump on the treadmill and “run a mile”.  Now, you don’t just go asking “big man” to “run a mile”?  I honestly thought about responding with, “are you crazy”?  But in an effort to stay on her good side (because I’m convinced that she has the personal skill to KILL me) i did it.  So, I have now proven that a “big guy” can run a mile.  It’s not pretty…but it’s doable.  Tomorrow is my first 6:15 AM workout with the trainer and my team (Dave & Julie).  I’m guardedly optimistic (which is a complete oxymoron…if you didn’t already know that?).

Here’s what I know!

Before last week (which got me in the gym for a workout 5 days straight) I didn’t do the gym thing every day of the week since before I got married (20 years ago).  Might I say…when I got married….I was pretty hot!  So, as I venture into the pain filled waters of the Biggest Looser…I will take my journey one day at a time.  Workout daily and log my food intake.  I’m convinced that I will succeed….after all….it’s a simple math equation.

Eat less + Work out more= Loose weight!

I should get paid for this level of wisdom.


Mike Montgomery

Drew’s friend Mike taking doing some pretty cool stuff on the scooter.

The Biggest Looser…10 reasons why I’m a looser!

Day one is this Friday.  I’ve joined a handful of other people at my club (Tahoma Fitness) to see who is the biggest looser.  Just like the TV show…just not as big!  My team mates are Julie & Dave.  Great people.  Personally, I think we’re going to win (so to speak).  Carrie is our trainer and after meeting her today I’m convinced of just 2 things….either I will loose…or she will kill me.  Either could happen in a realistic sense.

I’ve managed to drag my butt into the club every day this week so far for a good workout.  At least…I thought it was a good workout.  I’ll bet Carrie has a couple ideas for me that will make my knees knock.

Everything changes this Friday.

Here are 10 reasons why I’m a looser:

  1. My heart shouldn’t have to work so hard to keep me alive!
  2. I love my wife
  3. I love my kids
  4. I want to look & feel better
  5. It’s time
  6. I’ve been packing around too much extra “me” for the last….oh, 15 years.
  7. I’ve put on 38 pounds since moving back to Seattle 3 years ago (whats up with that)?
  8. Carrie convinced me to join the team
  9. I want to win (loose)
  10. I need to loose (win)

Do you think I will stick with it for the 6 weeks?

Do you think I could win?

How much do you think I’ll loose? (winner will receive a really cool prize).

Calibrate…November 15-16, 2009….Seattle!

16on16Calibrate, an event to help leaders realign their picture of the Church with Jesus’ picture of the Church, is coming November 15-16. We are hearing about countless leaders who are horribly depressed because they missed the early registration rate on Calibrate. In our tireless efforts to empower leaders we have come up with the perfect solution…a sale.

For one day only, October 16th, save $16 on Calibrate registrations. On October 16, go to www.calibratenw.com to register and you will pay $69 instead of the current price of $85.

This is for one day only – don’t miss it!

More on Calibrate 09?  I could type a bunch of stuff about it….just go to the site!

Drew’s Summer Video

Don’t know how to upload vimeo to wordpress so:


Click on the link to view Drew’s Summer Video.

Amazing bike skills….

Thanks Brad Lomenick….Amazing bike skills….check it out.