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She said, “My dad has cancer”.


Dave & Glenice Pearson

About a month ago my wife woke me up at 5:00 AM from a deep sleep with tears in her eyes and said, “My dad has cancer”.  Her dad had just gone into the emergency room the day before because he was coughing up some blood and came home with the diagnosis of lung cancer.  We’re still processing what it means to live with and support a family member with cancer.  We’re blessed to have the online tool of Caring Bridge to update, process, and share the journey.  Dave is feeling fine and somewhat perplexed that his body is dealing with this serious diagnosis.  He starts treatment soon.  We believe that Jesus is our heavenly father and is our healer.  Our prayer is that God will heal Dave from this cancer…but greater than that, our prayer is that God’s “will” be done.  As a family we are deeply grateful for this valuable resource of Caring Bridge.  Click the Caring Bridge logo to view Dave’s Caring Bridge site.


How has technology helped you deal with a challenging time in your life?