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Stumptown Coffee

I’m excited to share that Stumptown Coffee is only 127 steps from my classroom this week.  I will be visiting Stumptown a few times this week.

I did a coffee “spit take” today…

Today I was meeting with this gal and we were talking about design stuff and other cool things.  As I was finishing up my cup of coffee…it seemed to go down the wrong pipe and I started to cough.  Now, the initial cough simply brought up the coffee contents and lodged it in my inflated cheeks (like a trombone player).  At the same time, I couldn’t help it….but a small portion of coffee spewed out of my mouth and all over my desk.  This caused some laughter from me along with the coughing and 3 more sprays (like out of a Windex bottle) covered the front of my shirt, my desk, computer and the rest of my office.  Natalie instantly thought I was going into cardiac arrest, but I assured her that I was OK…just a little embarrassed.  23 tissues later…the coffee was cleaned up and we were still laughing.  Now…here’s the real test of the coffee lover that I am.  There was still an inch of coffee left in my cup…  Yes I did!  I went back to the well and finished the cup.  If you’re still wondering what a “spit take” is…click below and view the video instructions.  It’s creepy with 2 guys standing in a bath tub…but very clear on what a “spit take” is.

What did you do today that totally embarrassed you?