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John McCain for Pres….Oh yea…and Palin for VP

OK, I’m driving the stake in the ground.  I’m not a member of a political party yet I do lean on the conservative side.  I’ve always respected John McCain for many different reasons yet struggled to connect with him.  I found it easy to connect with Obamma…yet couldn’t find an ounce of substance in anything he said.  So, the thing that is causing me to make my wide swing to the right and declare not only who I’m voting for but yes…who I’m campaigning for…is the VP nominations.  I can’t stand Bieden and I think that Palin exactly what our country needs right now.  Now don’t go getting upset thinking that I’m jumping on any bandwagon or that I am not looking at the issues.  I know that we’re voting for the President and that the President is the top of the ticket.  Yet, I vote for the whole ticket.  Am I comfortable with Sarah Palin being one breath away from the oval office….?  You bet I am.  She is making the most sense out of anyone I’ve heard yet.  Read this little message from my buddy Porter who went to a Palin rally in Fairbanks tonight:

I got to see Sarah Palin give an outstanding speech in Fairbanks, AK tonight. Now, it was from the TV, but what’s kind of cool is that I am in the same state she is tonight….

Sarah is a God loving, Christian woman with fantastic values, a strong marriage and dynamic family. It’s cool that I am in her home state, hanging with the Alaskan people and that there is a real possibility of her and McCain winning the race.


It’s proven that John McCain has the experience to run this country and the dedication to get us where we need to get.  I’m getting awfully sick of people commenting that Sarah Palin doesn’t have experience nor a resume.  Her resume is the actions she’s been taking over that last few years.  The liberal media has been in a absolute Brittany Spears frenzy to find dirt on the VP nominee and they’ll do whatever it takes to find dirt.  The reason they’re so scared is because they’re not finding enough.  I’ve got great friends and family members who will be seduced by Obama and actually vote for him.  I still love them.  I understand why they want to vote for him.  He is very fun to listen to.  I think Barrack Obama would make an awesome director of a community based organization.  I just don’t trust him to run our country.  Here is my final question.  It’s to my 14 year old son Drew.

Drew, you’ll turn 18 while the next president is in his first term.  You’ll go down to the post office (or on-line) and register for the selective service (draft).  Who do you want making the decision weather you step up and serve…..Obama or McCain?     He said McCain and I agree.

So I say…Support, vote for, give money to, campaign for, tell your friends to….vote for McCain/Palin.

Yea I said it….What Now?