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Level 42

Favorite band growing up was by far…Level 42.  Just a bit obscure.  A little rock/pop/funk with some jazz.  Maybe that’s why I liked it.  I truly fell for the band the first time I heard one of their songs.  The band just has solid musicians.  One unique thing is that Mark King is the lead singer and the bass player.  The only other band (of big name recognition) who has the similar set up (Bass player/lead singer) that I can think of would be RUSH with Getty Lee.  Here is a clip of Mark King doing what he does best.  Playing bass in a solo the rolling into a full band number with bass solo.

This is the kind of band I’d like to play in and I’d play the bass.

What kind of band would you play in…and what instrument?

It’s cool to live in Seattle!

It’s cool to live in Seattle!

(this is a new feature that will appear weekly on my blog describing why it’s so cool to live in Seattle)


EMP (Experience Music Project)

The experience music project is a brainchild of none other than Paul Allen.  Basically, he had a bunch of old Hendrix stuff and was looking for a place to display it.  One thing led to another…and you’ve to the EMP.  Arguabley a very ugly building….but kind of cool in a weird lsd trippy kind of way.  The archetecture is supposed to represent a smashed guitar.  The EMP is actually quite a deal at $15 per person.  Especially if you’re a music lover.  And what I mean by music lover…is music lover of music from around the 60’s. 

There is a really cool piece of art right inside made up of guitars shooting up through the ceiling (i’m sure that i’m not doing this justice).  Also right inside the entrance is “video church”.  At least, this is what it was called back in 1997 when it first opened.  Here’s the challenge….if you walk through it with you mind in 1997…you’ll be impressed and in awe.  For example….they say that there is not a single strip of video tape in the building.  Everything is digital.  Now, by today’s standards…duh!  But in 1997…that was pretty groundbreaking.  I toured the emp back in 1999.  Very cool.  The Hendrix exibit was impressive…especially for the Hendrix fan.  They had a section dedicated to the Seattle sound and grunge music.  I liked that.  There were a few catchy interactive things and even a virtual reality ride dedicated to “Funk” music.  Very cool.

The EMP is worth the $15 and the visit if you’re a music fan.  If not….check out my next post on Seattle and I’ll give you something else to do.

Why is it cool to live in your town?