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That moment when….

That moment when....

That moment when you realize that all of your classmates are watching the film that you created. Humbling and nervous as a room full of colleagues observe this project and give input. Fortunately the project was well received and the input was inspiring and gracious. I’m very excited about how the film, Time To Listen will impact the issue of homelessness.

Your turn:  That moment when….

Stumptown Coffee

I’m excited to share that Stumptown Coffee is only 127 steps from my classroom this week.  I will be visiting Stumptown a few times this week.

Gospel and Global Media Culture

Today I’m in class learning the value of communicating the gospel through global media.  This is an elective class I’m choosing as part of my graduate studies at Seattle University.  One of the interesting parts of communicating our faith through media is the different data bases or framing we all bring to our faith.  Everyone has their own view of faith and their perception of the gospel.

To me, the gospel is the story of Jesus Christ coming to this earth, living a sinless life, and giving his life for my sins.  This is the gospel.  What I’m learning is that when you bring 15 people in a room they will all have 15 different view of the gospel and how it relates to their life.

My responsibility is to share the gospel in a way that can be understood by the people I’m sharing with.  As shared by my class mate Kirimi (from Kenya).  In the African culture the missionaries would bring the gospel to the African people wrapped in their western culture.  Much like bringing a baby wrapped in a western blanket.  This caused the gospel to be received and learned through a western filter.  Yet, once the African people were able to remove the “western blanket” from the baby (gospel) they were able to understand it better.  This is how I’m able to embrace the values and differences people have regarding the gospel.  I still believe that the only way for us to connect with God is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Yet, I’m able to respect the beliefs of others which will help me understand where others are coming from.

This is an important value to understand when thinking of sharing the gospel in the global media culture.