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Mike Montgomery

Drew’s friend Mike taking doing some pretty cool stuff on the scooter.

Drew’s Summer Video

Don’t know how to upload vimeo to wordpress so:


Click on the link to view Drew’s Summer Video.

Drew Lichty at the Renton Skate Park

Drew Lichty

Celebrating a birthday 3 months late

Drew’s birthday is on December 24th. We really do our best to try and separate it from Christmas. We plan events that are birthday specific. We use birthday wrapping paper. We have specific events with family on Christmas eve that is supposed to be birthday only (not always successful). I even do my annual (Dad take Drew to) birthday for his birthday. I do the birthday thing with both my kids on their birthday. Nothing stops this. I’ve done it every year of their life.
So, why did I find myself feeding 9 15 year old boys tonight (March 6th) at the skatepark in celebration of Drew’s birthday?
Quick answer….there was a bunch of snow around Drew’s birthday that hindered a “friend” party. Now, I don’t think that is one of the earmarks that were just shoved in the first round of legislation under our new Preslebrity. Nor was it an executive order. My kids believe they have a right to have a “friend” birthday party every year.
The other reason might be that Drew has been restricted for 3 weeks due to grades and this was his last ditch effort to squeeze out of restriction for one night.
Either way….I got to play the cool dad. Driving the boys to the skate park. Listening to noise coming out of the radio that I couldn’t recognize much less enjoy (I sound like my dad), & buying them all pizza, soda, & Slurpee’s. It was a great fun night. I love it. I’ve got a great kid. He’s smart (just needs to do schoolwork to his potential), talented, great skater, loyal friend, fun to be with, & my guy.
Happy Birthday Drew

Drew Lichty




skilz…that’s skater talk for “drew has skating skills”

skilz…that’s skater talk for “drew has skating skills”

You know you’re getting old when you make statements like that.  This is Drew, my 14 year old son doing his thing on the skateboard.   Right now he averages 10 hours of skating each day?  OK….now how do I get him to “make his bed”?

I think he’s awesome.

Who do you think is awesome?