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Biggest Looser….day…one, two, three? Whatever?

So the biggest looser started for me on Friday.  Did the “day one” weigh in and assessment.  I’d share my initial assessment on this post…but I’m not secure enough to do that.  Let’s just say this….my wonderful trainer Carrie simply asked me to jump on the treadmill and “run a mile”.  Now, you don’t just go asking “big man” to “run a mile”?  I honestly thought about responding with, “are you crazy”?  But in an effort to stay on her good side (because I’m convinced that she has the personal skill to KILL me) i did it.  So, I have now proven that a “big guy” can run a mile.  It’s not pretty…but it’s doable.  Tomorrow is my first 6:15 AM workout with the trainer and my team (Dave & Julie).  I’m guardedly optimistic (which is a complete oxymoron…if you didn’t already know that?).

Here’s what I know!

Before last week (which got me in the gym for a workout 5 days straight) I didn’t do the gym thing every day of the week since before I got married (20 years ago).  Might I say…when I got married….I was pretty hot!  So, as I venture into the pain filled waters of the Biggest Looser…I will take my journey one day at a time.  Workout daily and log my food intake.  I’m convinced that I will succeed….after all….it’s a simple math equation.

Eat less + Work out more= Loose weight!

I should get paid for this level of wisdom.


The Biggest Looser…10 reasons why I’m a looser!

Day one is this Friday.  I’ve joined a handful of other people at my club (Tahoma Fitness) to see who is the biggest looser.  Just like the TV show…just not as big!  My team mates are Julie & Dave.  Great people.  Personally, I think we’re going to win (so to speak).  Carrie is our trainer and after meeting her today I’m convinced of just 2 things….either I will loose…or she will kill me.  Either could happen in a realistic sense.

I’ve managed to drag my butt into the club every day this week so far for a good workout.  At least…I thought it was a good workout.  I’ll bet Carrie has a couple ideas for me that will make my knees knock.

Everything changes this Friday.

Here are 10 reasons why I’m a looser:

  1. My heart shouldn’t have to work so hard to keep me alive!
  2. I love my wife
  3. I love my kids
  4. I want to look & feel better
  5. It’s time
  6. I’ve been packing around too much extra “me” for the last….oh, 15 years.
  7. I’ve put on 38 pounds since moving back to Seattle 3 years ago (whats up with that)?
  8. Carrie convinced me to join the team
  9. I want to win (loose)
  10. I need to loose (win)

Do you think I will stick with it for the 6 weeks?

Do you think I could win?

How much do you think I’ll loose? (winner will receive a really cool prize).